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شرکت معدنی دماوند

Damavand Mining Co

Damavand Mining Company (Public Stock) was registered in Tehran Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office on 21/04/1983 with an initial capital of two million Rials under the name Puke Mineral Company 47269. The production centers of this company are:
• Extraction and exploitation of Bor mine located in Qaragol Zanjan village • Extraction and exploitation of Puke mine located in Larijan village on Haraz road • Extraction and exploitation of Dona lead mine and factory located on Chalus road • Extraction and exploitation of Travertine and feldspar mine located in Zanjan • Boric acid production factory located in Takestan city • Iron ore exploration area located in Bafaq and Yazd • Limestone transportation from Tehran and Gilan Sabz cement mines to the factory site and the main products of this company are: Boron mineral (Celemanite) Lead ore and lead concentrate Travertine Iron ore Mineral pumice Boric acid (boron processing)

In 1378, the same year that Damavand Mining Company was converted from a private stock to a public stock, it was admitted to the group of cement companies of the Stock Exchange under the symbol “Kedma” and its shares were traded for the first time in May 1380.


The products of Damavand Minerals Company include 6 categories; Bore Stone is a kind of mineral in the form of bright white crystals, which is insoluble in water, but dissolves in acids. This product is used in the production of boric acid as a source of BR production.

Mineral pumice is one of the other products of this company whose use was mentioned earlier. Lead concentrate, which is the main product of this company, is a highly exportable product.

Travertine stone, which is a type of limestone from the category of building stones, is considered the fifth product of this mineral group, which has very soft weathering products. Baryte is the latest product of this company, which is used as a heavy additive for oil and gas wells. Of course, it is used as filler or developer in paper and rubber industry and resin.